MAR Systems Receive Cleantech Innovation Award

MAR Systems Receive Cleantech Innovation Award


Solon, OH--MAR Systems., Inc. won the Most Promising Innovation Award at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco in March. The Cleantech Forum is recognized internationally as the premier event devoted to catalyzing global venture capital and private equity investment in cleantech. MAR Systems received the most votes from the forum's 700 attendees.

"We have created an innovative technology for clean water that adds value to customers," commented MAR Systems CEO Anthony Lammers. "We are honored to have been recognized with this award by knowledgeable industry participants."

MAR Systems' SorbsterTM Media is a patented media for the removal of mercury, selenium, arsenic, and other metal trace contaminants from industrial waste water streams. The technology removes contaminants, even at trace levels, through chemisorbtion, a process that irreversibly bonds the contaminants to the media, alowing for disposal in non-hazardous landfills. Contaminants have reduced to levels above 99 percent in multiple environments.

"The Cleantech award shows that the industry believes in our process and our product," said Lammers. "As we move forward in working with refineries, power plants, mining operations, oil and gas facilities, chemical manufacturers and municipalities, momentum from recognition like Cleantech's will propel us to very successfully assist in addressing compliance concerns and legacy issues.

MAR Systems is a privately held company that was founded in 2005. Read more...

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Jim Petras manages the Early Stage Partners investment in MAR Systems