Cost of Waiting For Service Calls is $37.7 Billion Annually

Waiting for the In-Home Services Costs $37.7 Billion Annually


Beachwood, OH--TOA Technologies has released its third annual "Cost of Waiting" report, which evaluates the economic impact consumers and business accrue in waiting for in-home services. The 2011 report found a $37.7 billion economic impact for the total time people spent waiting for scheduled services. In the past year, 58% of Americans waited for cable, satellite TV, Internet, utilities, retail home deliveries, or other mobile workforce-related services. 

"It is clear from this year's survey that customer service needs to be a top priority for businesses, not only because keeping customers waiting can negatively affect a company's performance, but also because poor service has financial consequences for a company's customers," said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of TOA Technologies.

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