Social Media Comes To Field Work Forces Via TOA Technologies

Social Media Comes To Field Work Forces Via TOA Technologies


Beachwood, OH--Mobile workforce management software has taken a giant leap forward--it has gone social. ETAdirect SmartCollaboration, from TOA Technologies, is now available to provide a context-aware communications platform to create the next generation of connected, intelligent service enterprises.
"People expect technology to easily connect them to information, and then leverage it to make smarter connections to other people," said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of TOA Technologies. "Service organizations and their staffs are demanding that the same social, intelligent technology they enjoy in their personal lives be available to make them more productive in their professional lives. We're not delivering those same elements and more within our enterprise applications.
"TOA Technologies is the first to make the service experience natively social, transforming how companies interact with their field service organizations and with customers. With groundbreaking technology that contextually links everything that is happening in the field with robust, native and easy-to-use communications tools, TOA has created a truly social, collaborative application that seamlessly joins all stakeholders in the service supply chain," he said.
ETAdirect Smart Collaboration dynamically and automatically connects people in the field to each other based on a variety of contextual and location-based information parameters. For instance, if field workers are missing equipment while on the road, they don't have to use a smartphone and log into email just to contact dispatch for help locating another piece of equipment. ETAdirect Smart Collaboration empowers them to quickly identify and connect with a colleague who is located nearby and has the equipment, skill, and availability.
Organizations using Smart Collaboration also can:
- Instantly find other resources in the field according to specific parameters, including geographical location, equipment, skills, and more
- Process activities and inventory items, including reassigning work and transferring equipment, giving recipients the capability to accept or deny requests directly in the messages
- Easily share details about a resource, such as a truck or specific field workers, by dragging and dropping the resource into the message box
- Automatically and centrally log and time-stamp all communications, saving a record of the interaction in ETAdirect.

"The more connected service organizations are to what's happening in the field, the better they perform," said Brisker. "Collaboration and communication is faster and more dynamic using ETAdirect Smart Collaboration because it reflects real-time information within a single, centralized platform. The result is a mobile workforce management solution that provides superior and interactive user experience while driving tremendous efficiency for our customers and, more importantly, a better service experience for their customers.

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