Amplifinity Raises Series A Early Stage Venture Capital Round

Amplifinity Raises Series A Early Stage Venture Capital Round


Ann Arbor, MI--Amplifinity has closed a $2.5 million Series A round of early stage venture capital led by Early Stage Partners. The company, a leader in Word of Mouth and Brand Advocacy marketing, will use the proceeds to accelerate client acquisition and to add to its existing robust platform.
Founded in 2007, Amplifinity's mission is to capitalize on a growing trend in marketing, Word of Mouth Brand Advocacy. Word of Mouth marketing has provided top companies a fiscally efficient and virally effective alternative to traditional forms of marketing such as advertising and direct mail. Amplifinity's technology consolidates the most effective Word of Moutn marketing methods into one platform that enables clients to identify their brand advocates, grow their consumer base, and create wide-reaching social campaigns that are super-charged b the recommendations of actual customers.
Amplifinity's roots in referral management have led to the development of the "Advocate Management Platform," an innovative technology that generates new customers and advocates for its clients. Further, the "Advocated Management Platform" identifies who a client's advocates are; what motivates them to talk and share; and how they should be segmented...while tracking and measuring all of this behind the scenes.


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Jonathan Murray serves on the board of Amplifinity.