Automation Alley Invests in Unitask

Automation Alley Invests in Unitask


Bloomfield Hills, MI--Unitask Inc. has received an investment of $250,000 from Automation Alley, Michigan's largest technology association. Coincident with the investment, the operations of the company have been consolidated around the CEO, Dale Royal, in suburban Detroit.

Mr. Royal has a distinguished track record of success in enterprise software sales. Unitask sells products that enhance the usability of Oracle's EBusinessSuite, an ERP system used by 25,000 businesses, governments, and other organizations worldwide. Under. Mr. Royal's leadership, Unitask grew sales in 2009 by 25% in a dismal year for enterprise software.

"The availability of seed funding for small businesses is a critical factor in the viability of a new company," said Ken Rogers, executive director, Automation Alley. "Start-ups are vital to the success of our region. Automation Alley is proud to support and fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of Southeast Michigan's business owners." Read more...


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Early Stage Partners Managing Director Jonathan Murray sits on the board of Unitask