Blue Spark Opens High-Volume Automated Battery Production Facility

Blue Spark Opens High-Volume Automated Battery Product Facility


Westlake, OH--Blue Spark Technologies has started high-volume production at its headquarters with the opening of a new, automated battery assembly line. 
The new line was custom developed to assemble Blue Spark‚Äôs unique, thin printed carbon zinc batteries. It marries high-volume, roll-to-roll printing process with high-volume, roll-to-roll assembly capability. The main input to the line is the printed web, which consists of an FDA-approved PET substrate and the printed elements of the battery. 
Benefits of the new line include:

- Flexibility to manufacture a range of shapes and sizes, depending on customer requirements;
- In-line quality testing to ensure that batteries are assembled correctly; and
- Annual production capacity of 50 million batteries, an important milestone in meeting the needs of larger customers.

In addition, the automated assembly machine design is highly modular, allowing for rapid expansion of production volumes beyond 50 million pieces. Read more...

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Jim Petras serves on the board of Blue Spark Technologies