Five Star Wins $1 Million Photovoltaics Grant

Five Star Wins $1 Million Photovoltaics Grant


Cleveland, OH--Five Star Technologies received a $1 million grant from Ohio's Third Frontier program to commercialize specialty inks for photovoltaic technologies (Read more). The largest application for Five Star's inks is in the rapidly growing market for touch screen phones.

Five Star Technologies is a supplier of high-performance dispersions, inks and pastes used in displays, photovoltaics, and microelectronic packaging based on its patented hydrodynamic cavitation process with innovative chemistry. The Company's ElectroSperse™ line features a range of conductive pastes with exceptional printability, low firing temperatures, high levels of conductivity, strong adhesion to a variety of substrates, and RoHS compliance. Read more...

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Early Stage Partners Managing Director Jim Petras sits on the Five Star board.