Imalux Wins Third Frontier Grant To Accelerate Commercialization

Imalux Wins Third Frontier Grant To Accelerate Commercialization


Cleveland, OH--Imalux Corporation, a leading developer of medical imaging devices based on Optical Coherence Tomography, has received a $987,000 grant from Ohio's Third Frontier program to accelerate commercialization of its Niris(R) Imaging System. The grant will support the Company's establishment of production facilities in Twinsburg, Ohio for systems, and in Cleveland for probes.

"This is one more piece of good news in a series of positive events for Imalux," commented company Chairman and CEO Bill Sanford. "Imalux now has over 120 peer-reviewed publications supporting the clinical value of the Niris Imaging System in many medical conditions and a group of 60 opinion leader collaborators worldwide. With recent technical enhancements, the Niris system can now scan human tissue at near video rate speed. Clinicians can use the system to view tissue microstructure at the point of care. The Company is now poised for broad commercialization."

The winning grant was the only one of 17 applications to the Third Frontier Medical Imaging Program to be approved by the Third Frontier Commission. Read more...

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Jonathan Murray sits on the board of Imalux