LineStream Releases InTAC Tuning and Control Technology

LineStream Releases InTac Tuning and Control Technology


Cleveland, OH--LineStream Technologies Inc. announced the commercial availability of its InTACTM tuning and control technology, a breakthrough in controls technology for automated products and processes. The $10 billion market for automated controls has seen little innovation for 50 years--until now.

The Company will announce the signing of a multi-platform, multi-year customer agreement with a major public company on July 12.

LineStream is bringing industrial control technology into the 21st century with a solution that actively rejects process disturbances before they degrade system performance and waste energy, as often happens currently even in state-of-the-art facilities. Manufacturing processes are plagued by variables such as material inconsistencies, ambient temperature swings, and vibrations and frictions. With LineStream's innovatin, developed at Cleveland State University, these disturbances are rejected before they do harm. Superior to current control technology, InTAC-embedded software eliminates the time-intensive calibration or "tuning" process that is regularly required to achieve desired performance with today's control standard. Manufacturers can quickly realize and sustain optimized performance and substantially reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%. Read more...






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Jim Petras serves on the LineStream board and nurtured the Company into being from research at Cleveland State University