Ovation Polymer Launches Medical Polymers Company

Ovation Polymer Launches Medical Polymers Company


MEDINA, OHIO -- Ovation Polymers Inc. has established Cleveland Medical Polymers, a unit designed to market the firm’s highly specialized compounds to the medical community.

“The medical market is attractive to us because it appears to be recession-resistant,” Ovation’s Arun Venkatesan said. Venkatesan serves as bio-potential sensor group manager for the Medina, Ohio-based firm.

Ovation has developed a compound for gel-free dry electrodes that can be used to monitor physiology-based readings, even through a person’s clothing. The material uses Ovation’s NanoSenSys-brand technology, which can make compounds based on a variety of resins, including polycarbonate, polypropylene and ABS.

Electrodes made with the Ovation compounds can be used in neonatal intensive care and other medical applications, according to Venkatesan.

Ovation operates from a 70,000 square-foot facility making a range of compounds for use in electronics, alternative energy, health science, fiber optics, aerospace and other fields. The firm has been granted 14 patents since opening in 2004.

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