Simbionix Medical Simulator Receives FDA Clearance

Simbionix Medical Simulator Receives FDA Clearance


Cleveland, OH--The Simbionix PROcedure Rehearsal StudioTM Software has received U.S. FDA clearance, the company announced.

The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio is used to simulate and evaluate options and approaches prior to surgery. "We began to practice using our carotid stents on the simulator before performing them in the operating room in 2008, and have been very impressed by its ability to improve our subsequent procedures," said Dr. Karl A. Illig, Professor of Surgery and Neurosurgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

"In my opinion, this is clearly the next step for medical simulation, where simulators will be able to be used to plan a procedure," said Dr. Illig, who is also Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery at the medical center.Read more...

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Jim Petras sits on the Simbionix board and manages the Early Stage Partners investment in the company.