Until recently, surgeons gained most of their experience operating on people. Unusual anatomical structures or unexpected challenges sometimes became apparent only during the procedure, when the patient was on the operating table and time was of the essence.

Advances in simulation technology, including haptics and software, now make it possible for surgeons to practice and plan procedures in a simulated environment that looks and feels, to the surgeon, like a real procedure. Simbionix has emerged as the leader in the field of medical simulation and has, for three years running, outperformed both its sector and its competitors. The emerging use of Simbionix simulators for procedure planning has led to FDA Clearance for PROcedure Rehearsal Studio. This product enables medical device companies, like W.L. Gore, to launch new products with simulator technology for training, thus speeding customer training and adoption. 

Early Stage Partners has led multiple rounds of investment in Simbionix, the world leader in medical simulation technology for minimally-invasive surgery.

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